Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alternative Jobs

“Honey, I got fired from work today.” Have you seen yourself in the same shoes after 10 years of working in a company? How about being jobless after graduation? That's pretty scary if you have already set the pace of your life in a kind of way that you couldn't get around if you don't have the cash. Then you have to find alternative jobs to keep you alive.
It’s not really impossible for things like these to happen. Like most of the movies and sitcom drama story lines and/or contents, most families experience the rocking and shaking of the financial pillars every now and then. Getting financial security and stability is the primary concern of every citizen. However, what we think stable are the ones that re most likely to flop surprisingly.

Being an employee for the rest of your life is not a good option either. It somehow develops your skills, mentally and physically but, we admit, it doesn’t suffice and compensate you financially. The brain and labor are yours but the profit goes more to the supreme being located on the top floor of your company building, sitting on a comfortable chair, drinking whisky, rubbing his pile of money while looking at you sweat for him each day. The skill you have isn’t worth the pay, that’s the fact. 

Robert Kiyosaki, a millionaire who used a different approach in making money, mentioned in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” that there are reasons why people are so alarmed when they lose their jobs. He said it’s because of the fear of not having enough money or totally losing money. People have bills to pay, children to send to school and mouths to feed. All involve money and without it a person thinks he’s doomed, unable to move and couldn’t think straight. It is true to most of us, average people with mediocre jobs. On the other hand, for rich people, they have a different fear. They fear of losing their money…all of their money. They worry about their cars, bank accounts, celphones and other expensive stuff.

As a solution to the problem, people tend to work more, make themselves richer and forget all about the precious time they should be having with their families. A different approach on earning money has been formulated so as to give a very convenient way for all of us to earn while having a good time with the ones we love.

Networking business is one good idea, for you own your time and your capital. For most networking businesses, a huge capital or investment isn't needed compared to buying a franchise or setting up your traditional business. Your the boss in this field and you manage it in your own effort and style.

Earning opportunities are also offered by the internet. You have the "get paid to click" way of earning cash. It's just a simple ad the advertisers send you daily in your email and all yo have to do is follow the links and you're being paid for it. "Paid surveys" is also one of the craze over the internet lately. Advertisers will also send you surveys in your email. Just like any other surveys, answer the survey according to your preferences and opinions then you will be paid for it!

Creating your own website with some of the affiliated companies is also made profitable nowadays. You can do everything you want in your website, and the advertisers will just post advertisements and at the same time you're paid for it. This is now the new trend in online advertising.

Finding another job, working abroad on manual, service and physical work isn't the last resort. If you really are motivated to earn you can have it in the a click of your finger. Imagine this, you earn while you're enjoying the company of your internet world. Make the most out of your time if you're entire day rest on your computer.

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